A Commitment to Quality Products through
Green Manufacturing

green infographic of reduce reuse recyclegreen infographic of reduce reuse recycle

Paper Tube & Core has been a leader in Green Manufacturing since before the expression ever existed. Sustainability is about ensuring a better quality of life for both people, and our planet – not only for today, but for future generations. As such, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with the most environmentally friendly products on the market.  This mentality serves our global customers well when it comes to both their bottom lines, and meeting their corporate sustainability goals.

MANUFACTURING new tubes and cores depletes the environment of natural resources, as the production of 1 ton of paper requires 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water and more energy per ton than glass or steel.

RECYCLING tubes and cores, while contributing a modicum to environmental sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint, still requires pulping, reprocessing, and multiple trips between suppliers, manufacturers, recyclers, and end users. Each of these steps translates to added emissions…not to mention, additional costs.

RE-USE of paper tubes and cores reduces this footprint even further.  By simply recovering used tubes and cores, resizing them, and then returning them to the market, all without compromising the tube’s or core’s integrity, or diminishing its’ quality, PT&C is able to fill customers’ needs without having to go through many of the wasteful, resource-draining processes necessary to manufacturing new tubes and cores.