Total Fiber Recovery @ Chesapeake enjoys a unique competitive advantage ensuring our customers of the highest quality pulp. These include:

    • High-Quality Raw Material
      CellMark Recycling is one of the largest independent recycling companies in North America. As such they can curate from the highest quality and consistent raw material suppliers. Their team of professional buyers & traders utilize their large & diverse contact base (including their own plants) to guarantee that TFR @ C receives the best raw material every day.
    • Unique Proprietary Process
      TFR @ C and our partner Kadant Black Clawson have developed a unique process involving pulpers, de-trashers, cyclone cleaners, basket screens, dewatering, and drying. It yields a quality-controlled and tested bale which is wrapped, stamped, and wired with an individual Certificate of Analysis.
    • Logistics
      TFR @ C is situated on the Elizabeth River, 8 nautical miles from the Port of Virginia in Norfolk. It is the largest container port on the Eastern Seaboard. This means that our Unbleached Recycled Pulp is loaded directly into containers and onto vessels immediately. It also means that our shipping costs remain extremely competitive.
    • World Class Sales Channel
      TFR @ C is exclusively sold and marketed by CellMark’s Pulp Division. CellMark is the largest independent marketer of pulp in the world. Their team of sales professionals is ready to consult with you and meet all of your commercial needs.
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    • Our Team
      Our plant is staffed by dedicated and class-leading engineers and technicians to ensure that your product is manufactured and shipped correctly every time.